June 23, 2015

We're hiring!

We are seeking a Sales, Marketing, and All-Around Assistant for our small handmade jewelry studio in Nashville, TN! This is a fun and creative position that will keep you on your toes! Our 9-year old company is both retail + wholesale and is vested in the indie craft and professional trade show industries.

* please read instructions to apply - do NOT just submit your resume! *

We are looking for an enthusiastic individual to help us grow our brand, keep all of our sales channels organized, and help assist the owner in the daily running of our business. We are seeking an entrepreneurial-spirited person who can write well, speak confidently, and sell and market our products both in person and online. This is a part Operations Assistant part Sales Support position.

If you are someone who...
  • Is highly motivated and organized with a strong work ethic
  • Is passionate about the entrepreneurial, creative, indie, and handmade communities both in Nashville and beyond
  • Enjoys learning new skills and strategies for marketing and generating sales
  • Has a strong knowledge of magazines, blogs, shops, and the professional handmade community 
  • Likes to have fun at work with a creative crew
  • Enjoys interacting with people in sales situations, including our trade show booths and craft show booths
  • Is a self-starter, a go-getter, and a task completer with a can-do, positive attitude
  • Has a "no task is too small or too big" attitude
  • Is very adaptable and eager to help out wherever there is a need
  • Has their own transportation and is able to drive to Atlanta at least twice a year for the Atlanta Gift Market
...Then you are the someone for this position! 

  • Use strong verbal and written communication skills to assist with customer service both on the phone and via email. Yes, we have a land line you will have to use! :)
  • Help manage and provide assistance to our growing base of sales representatives & retailers
  • TRAVEL occasionally with the company to trade shows including Atlanta and New York, including set up, tear down, and selling our line to potential clients. Our upcoming travel dates are July 9-13, so it is imperative you are available those dates.
  • Update our content on various online platforms including Etsy and Shopify 
  • Network with other small creative businesses for possible collaborations
  • Create social media content and reach out to influencers in the press 
  • Be ready to anticipate and jump in to help in whatever is needed (filling orders, filing, sending/answering emails, etc)
  • Run errands to bank, FedEx, etc (in your own vehicle)

It is part time to start (15-20 hours/week) but hours will vary based on our company schedule. Hours are flexible but will be between M-F 9:30 - 5:30. We are willing to work out a set schedule that fits your needs! Weekends are only required when traveling to trade shows a few times a year. Compensation is based on experience ($12-$15/hr) with regular raises and perks based on performance! (Christmas Spa Party, anyone?)

  • Some college and relevant experience is required 
  • Must be computer savvy (we are Mac people and use Excel, Quickbooks, Google Apps, Blogger, & Shopify)
  • Must be a legal citizen and sign a non-disclosure agreement. Qualified applicants must be willing to work a test day to see if you are a good fit with our team.

Please send your resume in pdf format AND include a cover letter* introducing yourself - remember writing well is a large part of this job! Tell us why you are perfect for this position, including sales and office experience, and any other relevant experience in the handmade/creative realm you would like to tell us about. Have fun with it! { email it to beth[at]freshieandzero.com }

*if you do not attach this cover letter, you will not be considered for this position

May 11, 2015

Freshie & Zero Returns to the National Stationery Show!

It's been a busy spring! We've been filling more orders than ever before, but I have found time to design 26 new styles! I'm so excited to debut them this Sunday, but I'm also extra thrilled to just  be in New York for the gorgeous and inspiring National Stationery Show! If you are a retailer planning to come to the show, please come see us! We'll be in the #fresh section in booth #1459

April 22, 2015

Mother's Day is coming!

I have two exciting bits to share for this upcoming Mother's Day!

First, do you have a new mom in your life who is anticipating their very first Mother's Day?

Or perhaps your very own mother has received some grocery store hand-picked flowers from you too many years in a row?

Allow me to suggest what I think is the perfect Mother's Day gift: the Freshie & Zero Love Necklace - a delicate handmade piece with just enough sentimental value, it represents the transition into motherhood. In fact, I designed it when I was pregnant with my first child almost 6 years ago! I've had another child since, but there's nothing like the first time you become a mother: the jig is up - no more sleeping in or carefree schedules once that baby enters your life!

freshie & zero original love necklace mother's day gift idea

As a bonus, each Necklace (or bracelet) comes with the card shown above (when ordered from our website). We also offer gift wrap for a small fee! Be warned: this gift may bring tears of joy to her eyes and years of enjoyment! (order by May 4th for delivery by May 10th)

• • •

Our second bit of news is the Mom of the Year contest sponsored by Laughing Moms, Parenting Magazine, and us! Prizes include the above Love Necklace, a $250 Visa gift card, beauty products, and more! To read all about it and nominate your favorite mom on their website, click here.

February 25, 2015

Highlights from Atlanta Gift January 2015

I can hardly believe we participated in our thirteenth (!) Atlanta Gift Show in January. This was our first time, however, in a showroom - the very established and fabulous Simblist Group. It's kind of a crazy life-comes-full-circle kind of thing. Would you believe that the very first showroom I ever stepped foot in, way back in 2001 working as a gift market temp, would be the very same showroom that would come to represent my line 14 years later? Crazy.

Our space inside the Simblist Showroom - very sophisticated!
To say I am excited about this would be an understatement, but seriously. I am SO excited! We still had our temporary booth for this market, though, so we actually exhibited in two locations… which meant two sets of samples… which about killed me. We still make everything to order and we have a LOT of styles! Did I mention I had to do all of this right after Christmas, right after we moved our studio? I'm still not sure how I survived.

Being in two locations also meant that my assistant Melanie had to work the booth without me (with help from my husband Greg) while I was in the showroom. This lead to some confusion because some of my customers seem to think that Melanie and I are twins.  Market is one of those weird places where your brain gets very tired and you start assuming things, such as because people work together they must be related. I had never even considered that Melanie and I looked remotely alike until we stood side by side in the Freshie & Zero booth for a few days and people kept asking if we were sisters. Melanie is cute so it's certainly not an insult, but we do find it funny! :) 

Splitting our line in two places meant that neither of our locations had fabulous sales, but combined we had our best show yet! 

Now for the hard business decision - will I have my temporary booth again next show or rely solely on the showroom and risk losing the booth sales? The verdict is out but I am really hoping not to have to make two sets of samples again (among other thing$)! The showroom is also a lovely place to spend a trade show - the other exhibitors and the reps are all so nice and the showroom is beautifully put together. They also have catered food every day which is quite an upgrade from the PB&J sandwiches we eat for lunch in our booth. Greg & Melanie were jealous. I promise I didn't rub it in their faces...

Oh - you're having BBQ? That's… cool.
Below are just a few photos of our booth in the Boutique section. Melanie wrote a great blog post about prepping for a wholesale show with regards to display - you can read it here

Our redesigned Wear Your Story wall - I love the watercolor ombre!
I like to add pops of color - especially pink and minty aqua.  
Detail of our new earrings display