September 12, 2006

Move over, Nicole

Yes, I saw Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at Starbucks back in June and that was pretty exciting but I've moved on to bigger and better Nashville celebrity sightings.

Tonight I was having dinner with my family for my mother's birthday at Mortons, and who was there but Steven Tyler. Steven effing Tyler!!! My brother pointed him out to me and I turned around, saw him, turned back around and said "holy shit!" to my mom!

Nicole Kidman is an icon, but Steven Tyler is a legend. He's kind of creepy looking, but I could not stop turning around and staring. My mom asked if we had ever seen "The Crying Game" before she realized he was not a man dressed in drag...

September 05, 2006

I don't sleep enough

But who does, really? So... to sum up my summer...
*became a carnie, am now craft show veteran
*got engaged
*planned a wedding in between craft shows (still planning)
*worked just about nonstop betweeen the gallery and the jewelry
*got braces for 3rd time; this time, must wear retainer...
*turned 28
*two days after birthday, car broken into, radio stolen
*instead of getting desired present of bumper for birthday, request a new radio instead. bumper still has embarassing hole in it, surely affecting my aerodynamic agility in driving and possibly lowering gas mileage
*tried to go part time at the gallery but one lady "retired", bosslady is out with sick sister, and new girl we hired to cover them quit in about a week; my loyalty is exploited for their benefit
*bob, our 82 yr old accountant at work, fell today and broke his hip
*framer who worked for the gallery for over 20 years was fired last week (ding dong the witch is dead)
*too busy to do consignment any more, have legitimate wholesale catalog
*total fear in the back of my mind as I have no idea how jewelry income is affecting my taxes..
*also freaking out b/c must drive to Austin, Texas... very excited about show, not excited about 13 hour drive to get there
*watched a rousing game of adult kick ball yesterday, stayed on sidelines and cheered everyone on