September 26, 2010

Fall is here - finally!!

It's getting very fall-like around my website! I changed the background to a brown pattern and took some photos outside today on my deck for a print ad. I liked them so much, they already made it onto the home page. They look a little too orange on the website, but whatev. It was heaven to be outside in pants and feel the cool breeze. Let's hope 90° weather is behind us!! Welcome fall!!!

In other outdoor news, Greggars and I went to the TACA craft fair in Centennial Park today. Kinda funny that on my weekend off, I went into the office, so to speak. It was great to see my crafty friends including Lisa Norris, Bebo & Betty, and Karen Fincannon, and introduce them to my extended family (Zero and baby) since I don't bring either to craft shows. And I scored a sweet wooden brownie spatula, so I guess I'll have to make some Trader Joe's brownies again - yummy!

September 13, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2010

We just got back from the Renegade Craft Fair this afternoon.  It was our fourth year doing it, and what can I say? It was awesome!  Fabuloso!  Best ever!  I love Chicago.

We went up on the Skydeck on a clear day.  We don't usually do the tourist thing, but Greg suggested it and it seemed silly not to!

 It's so real that it looks fake!

We used a new earring display made from louver blinds that the gracious owner didn't need any more.  It think it worked really well and made it easier to see the earrings.

I modified my branch display to better showcase necklaces, and it received many complements.

And we got to see Mucca Pazza up close and personal.  They were fantastic.  I wish they would come to Nashville - that is a live show I would pay to go see!

We were so busy that we didn't get to talk to many of our crafty friends, and from the sounds of it, they had awesome shows, too!  And for the first time, I was too busy to really shop my heart out.  So sad.  I did manage to sneak in the purchase of another Nate Duval t-shirt (Greg's 5th shirt by him) and an Urban Posture t-shirt that I am currently wearing.  People and events such as Renegade remind me how much fun my job is!