September 25, 2013

Chelsea Handler

I just realized I forgot to blog about one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in the last year! Curse you, baby brain!! I posted this on facebook, but Lord knows those posts get buried in a pile of posts never to be seen again after about, oh, an hour. So here it is: Chelsea Handler wore my Antique Stone Necklace at least three times on her show Chelsea Lately. Cue the screams!!!

As in, I was screaming and jumping when I first saw it on tv. I was just hanging out on the couch (nine months pregnant), watching one of my favorite shows when I shot up - I knew that necklace and Chelsea Handler was wearing it! My husband and I attempted to photograph it on tv as the show aired, but that was kind of a foolish pursuit. I later searched YouTube to try and get a screen shot of it and I found her wearing it on two different episodes! Then a month later, I saw her wearing it on a third episode! Oh, Chelsea, you know how to make a girl smile. Can we be friends?

Want to grab her style? You can fetch one of these necklaces on our website here.

Antique Stone Necklace as seen on Chelsea Handler

September 20, 2013

Stockists page updated!

I have just updated the Stockists page on our website to include all of the lovely new retailers who have picked up our line over the summer! I try to keep it updated with people who have ordered within the past few months so that if you go to their store, you will find a good selection of Freshie & Zero jewelry! We shipped orders this week to: Carmel Flower Shop in Carmel, NY; O.Liv Body Bar in Nashville, TN; Whole Earth Provision stores in Texas, Yankee Ingenuity in Chatham, MA; and Sophie's in Chattanooga, TN just to name a few! Have I mentioned we ♥ our retailers?

Is your favorite store on the list? Did you know we are always happy when our customers suggest retailers they think would be a good fit for our jewelry, or better yet, suggest us to your favorite shop! If you want to recommend a shop to us, please email me at beth {at} freshieandzero {dot} com (sorry for the anti-spam format!). Have a great weekend!

Click to see the full list!