August 28, 2007

Ode to Anthropologie, my favorite store

Can... barely...contain... excitement...

SO excited am I. The Anthropologie less than one mile down the road from my apartment is opening in a few days. Holy crap. I'm stoked yet sad at the same time. Sad because now everyone in town can shop where I buy so many of my clothes, where before I always shopped at Anthropologies in other cities therefore keeping my clothes kind of unique to Nashville. :( Bummer. I'm more happy than sad, though, because every day I drive by it I get so excited! I seriously thought about applying to work there, but I only wanted to be on the visual team, and my schedule is pretty limiting due to my craft shows.

But... what an amazing time I would have being in Anthropologie for hours at a time without any nagging friend or husband wondering when I would be ready to leave... There would be no reason for Anthropologie to write me a paycheck (in my fantasy where I am a starry eyed employee) because I would simply be happy to work for merchandise.

I just might have to be there when the doors open on August 31st. Unless there's a line. It's too hot to wait in line.

August 22, 2007

Sweet! I'm a winner in the etsy poster contest!

You can see all of the winners here or you could just look at my fun poster below... What a sweet contest - I'm so excited to be picked as a winner! I wonder if I win anything but street cred... At the very least, I'd love to get a poster! In other etsy news, I've updated most of my listings with new photos that are a little more artsy and colorful - just for fun and in the hopes of maybe getting picked for treasuries more often since my main photos are more interesting now. Click on the poster to check it out!

freshieandzeroetsy poster

August 06, 2007

Stitch News

If you're in the know about the coolest craft show west of the Mississippi, then you need to know these fabulous updates to Stitch 2007! I was lucky enough to win the Stitch Grant last year, and the gals have kindly asked me to come back again this year, so my husband and I will pack up the Explorer and head to Austin, Texas in November one more time (a mere 15 hour drive from Nashville). I can't wait!

*We've extended the application deadline!!*
It's true!! Due to travel plans we won't all be in the same city to
review applications until August 28, so why not push the application
time back? So August 28 it is! But don't rest on your laurels - that
date is firm so all of you fantastically talented crafters and clothing
designers get your applications in for your very own booth and runway
segment!! Go here to apply:

*New amazing raffle prizes (that you want)!!!*

Seriously - this year's raffle is the best ever with prizes from Dremel
(yes... the drills!) and Babylock (yes... the sewing machines!!). All
raffle money goes straight, no stopping, to the grant winner. By trying
to win the drill and sewing machine of your dreams you also help a very
deserving small business owner build their business and their dreams.
Can't make it to the show? You can still win one of these amazing
prizes!! Raffle tickets will be on sale online before the show. We'll
keep you posted! Want to be a winner of this sure to be fantastic grant
prize?? Please go here to find
out how to apply.

*Built By Wendy!!!!*

Say what?? Well, this year Simplicity is sponsoring Stitch and they're
bringing their new Built By Wendy pattern line to the show. You can see
it on the runway AND receive a custom fitting in their booth. How
awesome is that?

* Don't forget...*
Our blog is updated several times a week: Be sure to visit it for news about
this year's show, tips on the hottest indie designers and recaps from
last year. As mentioned before Duncan paints will be back at Stitch
this year with their super fun make and take booth last year!

This is just the beginning so keep checking the blog and make sure your
calendar is marked for November 10. As always advance tickets will be
available on the website a few weeks before the show.

See you at Stitch!!
xox Jesse, Jennifer, Karly and Tina