August 28, 2007

Ode to Anthropologie, my favorite store

Can... barely...contain... excitement...

SO excited am I. The Anthropologie less than one mile down the road from my apartment is opening in a few days. Holy crap. I'm stoked yet sad at the same time. Sad because now everyone in town can shop where I buy so many of my clothes, where before I always shopped at Anthropologies in other cities therefore keeping my clothes kind of unique to Nashville. :( Bummer. I'm more happy than sad, though, because every day I drive by it I get so excited! I seriously thought about applying to work there, but I only wanted to be on the visual team, and my schedule is pretty limiting due to my craft shows.

But... what an amazing time I would have being in Anthropologie for hours at a time without any nagging friend or husband wondering when I would be ready to leave... There would be no reason for Anthropologie to write me a paycheck (in my fantasy where I am a starry eyed employee) because I would simply be happy to work for merchandise.

I just might have to be there when the doors open on August 31st. Unless there's a line. It's too hot to wait in line.

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freshie (and zero) said...

And I was there on opening day. They had employees walking around with trays of cookies & treats but I declined eating any because that would have taken one of my hands away from picking up merchandise. Niki Taylor was there, too - you know, buying stuff. That's right - famous people shop at my Anthropologie. And I love it.