October 01, 2006

gramps and granny

so... greggles and i "went out" for the first time all month by ourselves to kick back and relax a bit after our grueling month of work, reunions and craft shows. it started at jackson's with some wild and crazy wrap sandwiches and i had one bloody mary. the party's warming up.

then, back to my place for some shiner boch - not even the high alcohol content yazoo we usually drink. then, we really let loose - we both surfed the internet on our laptops on my patio until our batteries were dead. then, two beers a piece later, we were completely passed out on the couch watching "myth busters" on discovery channel at 9:15. we were both fighting to stay awake to watch one of the myth buster brothers jump into a big tank of water with a whirlpool funnel, just to see what happened. alas, we crawled up to bed at 9:45 and couldn't even manage to stay awake for ten more minutes to watch the whirlpool stunt. what can i say? we're just party animals, the two of us... did i mention we had a yard sale earlier in the day? rock stars, i tell you!!!

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