February 24, 2007

I'm on delightfulblogs.com

Yay! You'll notice a new picture in the right column - "as seen on delightful blogs" to be more specific. Their fun website lists a manageable directory of groovy blogs, listed by category. So go check them out if you're in the need of a great new blog! A few of my new favorites that I found through their site are:

- this is the blog of a husband and wife photography team including their AMAZING photos and cute videos of their three year old daughter

http://chicbride.blogspot.com/ - a cute little blog with some great bridal finds (very relevant for myself and my upcoming nuptials)

- there are lots of indie shopping blogs but this one has some really fun stuff

- I would love to dig into this blog further when i have more time but it looks really interesting... it's own description is : "The art chronicles of a junk enthusiast, Avid art Journaler, graphic designer, bird brain and all things papayalicious." I'm definitely intrigued!

1 comment:

Beth Howard said...

papayalicious is an awesome blog!! Are you coming to the craft show at lipstick lounge?