February 20, 2008

I need your opinion!

Help! I need the advice of my trusty blog readers about trying out something new. I decided to try out the Sampler after months of thinking about it. In short, the sampler is a groovy indie service that sells goodie bags full of designer samples to eager indie shoppers. I had never been able to think of a cost and time effective way to participate, and my solution wasn't really either but I really like what I made. Take a peek...

It's a sterling silver "Sweet" pendant on a white silk string with a little hook & eye clasp. Surprisingly, they're not much less expensive to make than the sterling silver chain (although sterling prices keep going up & up so that could change this year) but I think they turned out really pretty! I just don't know about the durability of the silk string, since I've never really worked with fabric materials. I've ordered some more silk to experiment with and may try and sell a few in my etsy shop.

Anyway, my question is - does this idea of a necklace appeal to you? Do you like the mix of the sterling pendants on the soft silk string? What would you think about different colors of silk? (I've ordered navy, yellow, green, & turquoise) Please post a comment and tell me what you think! Thank you!!!


Kelly said...

Beth -

I'm loving the combo of metal and silk. So pretty. I'm hoping you DO put some up in your Etsy shop. :)


Alison said...


I love this necklace. I think that I would it even more on a colored string. Very interesting with the combo of the two materials.

BTW- I wore my new earrings that my hubby got me for V Day...LOVE THEM and got a ton of compliments. Thanks so much!


Ivey HandCrafted said...

I really like the combo - the silk makes the metal so soft. And of course if I were buying one it would be the turquoise one :)


Elena said...

Hi Beth,

Love this! It looks simple and classic. And I really like the idea of the other colors of silk! My vote would be the turquoise one =)