April 20, 2008

With love from me to you

So here is a random fact about me - I am really bad at geography. Really, really bad. It was my worst subject in high school and I always feared it coming up in history classes, which was sure to be the part of the test that I did miserably on. I went to Wyoming once and had to look it up on a map and I'm still surprised that it's above Colorado. And capitals? Fughettaboutit. So I have been wanting to put up a cute U.S. map in my office to cheerfully remind me of where everything is now that I ship across our amber waves of grain. Alas, I have been unable to find one for months so today I decided to make one myself. It's happy & colorful and includes one of my favorite things - lots of fun fonts! I also included all of the state abbreviations since when I enter shipping addresses into usps.com, it doesn't allow you to enter the abbreviation and my cart program only gives me the state spelled out. I know - big problems, right? So here is my map and it's free for you to download and print out (it prints nicely on 8.5" x 11" paper) - it's perfect to hang in your office or other space in need of geography!! Enjoy!

To download, simply click on the above image and it will open in a new window or tab. Then right click and save!


Rosanne said...

This has always been my secret shame...I am also a total TOOL when it comes to geography. And along with that, time zones. If I need to call someone in NY and it is noon in Seattle..what time is it there?? I am totally clueless. My husband makes so much fun of me. He wants to know how someone as smart as I am (big time computer programmer, I even teach other people) can have such a mental block when it comes to geography. I just don't know. I put up a little US map over my desk just a few weeks ago but yours is so much cuter, so I am going to use your instead. Maybe I'll surprise my family and learn all the capitals!
Thanks for sharing. And I feel so much better for getting this off of MY chest!!

cindy k said...

i found your wonderful map through design crush. it's so great. i've already printed two copies. thanks!

cyndi & lee said...

This is FANTASTIC! I, too, am horrible at geography so I'm thrilled to now have this hanging in our home office next to our "travel board" (souvenirs like pictures, post cards and room keys from places we've traveled). The colors and typography are brilliant. It makes me happy just to look at it!

Thank you so much for sharing...

Beach Mama said...

Permission to repin to my Pinterest board?

Freshie Beth said...

Of course - go right ahead!