May 01, 2008

advertising is getting out of control

I've been noticing over the years that restaurants have added new ways of advertising to their customers. It started with the bathroom advertising which is actually a great idea and I have to admit I got really excited a few years ago when a boutique that carried my jewelry actually mentioned me in their list of vendors in their Indoor Graffiti ad!

Then a few of the more posh establishments like Bound'ry added t.v. screens in the wall that flashed digital ads you could watch while hanging out in the bar - forget watching muted ads on t.v. - here were flashy ads full of pretty pictures and text you could read while the guy trying to pick you up was totally boring you!

But now, Nashville has gone a bit too far. I drove by Sunset Grill yesterday and saw that the valet stand had three glossy ads behind glass on the podium. Do people really read ads by their knees? What businesses were convinced that this is a good idea and actually put their money down? I don't know because I didn't slow down to find out what they were trying to sell me. Really - is this ridiculous or is it just me?

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