July 08, 2008

Visit my guest blog on Indie Fixx!

Yes, it's official. I'm an auteur. A published authoress if you will and, well, . . . okay I'm really just a published guest blogger. But I did get to write about two of my favorite things - shopping and my hometown of Nashville! And it is on one of my favorite blogs, IndieFixx.com! Click on over and read my City Guide all about boutique & indie shopping in Nashville, Tennessee. My guide has been split up into three sections - the first installment is all about Hillsboro Village and the best place to find cool indie goods there. The next two installments will be posted in the next few days. I hope it inspires people to come and visit Nashville and see what a rockin' little city we have here!


Alison said...


I loved your review. It is neat that we have such cool shops at our fingertips.

I am also going to speak to Josh, hubby, about those boxes. He is far too creative for his own good...hmmm...and that gift certificate sounds right up my alley.


Glue&Glitter said...

Oh cool! Nice work!

KitschKrafts said...

Excellent Review! I knew about some of these shops, but not all and now I have a reason to go out and be a tourist in my own city. Great job!

ladybuggg said...

CONGRATS! I'm a huge (non-purchasing... but still HUGE) fan of your work and I found you thru a link on the indie fixx blog! Good for you, I'm glad you're a guest writer! :) One day I'll save enough $ to put an order thru but until then, I'll just admire your wonderful work from a far. :)