August 05, 2008

My last day as 29

Okay - I meant to post this on July 30th but the day got away from me. I started it and then got distracted but I'm finishing it now! Here goes:

I am turning 30 tomorrow. Farewell, my twenties! A decade in review:

20 - Slowly growing out of my raver girl phase. Will soon trade oversized pants and drugs for normal sized pants and beer. In between my junior and senior year of college, I study for a month in Florence and then backpack around Europe - I go to the Love Parade in Germany and see some of the top djs in the world.
21 - I graduate from college and work at The Body Shop. I share a sweet house off Franklin Road with three other girls who are all still in college. Many parties ensue.
22 - I start working at Bennett Galleries where my manager Elizabeth calls me "Freshie" because it rhymes with "Bethie" and thus begins my nickname.
23 - I move to Atlanta for six months. September 11th happens which results in me being laid off and especially poor, thus nudging me into jewelry making for extra money.
24 - Back in Nashville and back at the gallery for a while. I leave the gallery a second time to work as a gift sales rep. I schlepp goods across Tennessee and Kentucky and work my butt off for two evil witches, I mean bosses. Begin dating serious boyfriend in alternative rock band.

2003 - 25 yrs old, inspired by Charlie's Angels movie makeup

25 - ahhh... finally my brain catches up to adult hood. I finally feel like a real grown up. I work too hard as a sales rep and start getting sick of it due to lack of creative outlet. I break up with serious boyfriend; swear off musicians forever.

2004 - complete with nose ring and straw hat at the beach

26 - I get Zero, my willful & stubborn Jack Russell. Zero proves too much for me to handle in a small condo, so he goes to live with my brother a mile away who has a fenced in back yard and a cat to terrorize. Quit sales repping, go back to gallery. Start playing poker regularly and meet Greg, my future husband.

2004 - Zero, lounging at Carl's house

2005 - rocking the winter bohemian look

27 - Decide to rename my jewelry company "Freshie & Zero" and start applying to craft shows and building a website. Surely wooed by my business drive and hammering skills, Greg proposes.
28 - We have a fabulous wedding and a fabulous Italian honeymoon. We travel to many awesome craft shows and explore different parts of the country.

2007 - married at 28 on the 28th of April - how perfect!

29 - Freshie & Zero does better and better, and finally takes me to a level where I can quit the gallery (again) although I still have my toe in to help them when they need it. Greg and I are still doing craft shows and have gotten used to going out of town a lot. Our marriage has so far felt like an extended honeymoon!


Now that I have been 30 for a week, I can tell my body is slowing down (okay I really could tell that in the past 6 months). I've never had to work to be thin; I have just always eaten healthy but now that isn't enough... I have to start working out which SUCKS! I've decided, in addition to aerobic walking, to take a Hula Hooping class in East Nashville. If I have to work out, I have to have fun doing it, you know?

And for all of you people much older than me thinking thoughts like "30 years old - you're still a baby!" - just shove it. That's right - I said shove it. I'm not a baby any more than you're an old fart. Didn't you hate it when people said stuff like that to you when you were younger?

And if you're much younger than myself and you think that I'm old, you can shove it, too, ya baby. :)


Tisra said...

Great post, Freshie! I love the "decade in review" (I might have to copy you!). My 30th is in March. With pretty much ALL of my friends being older than me, I find that no one cares to listen to my observations (and sometimes complaints) about getting older... they whip out the "baby" comments. Arrgh! The flip side is that with friends all older than me, I guess I'll feel young for a long time by comparison. :-)

Might I add that you don't look a bit different? Seriously... beautiful at all ages!

Jamie said...

Happy Belated 30th, Freshie!

This was a really great post. I may have to copy too ;)

I like 30 so far...but I agree that nothing is more annoying then the "oh, you're just a baby" comments.

Rebecca said...

happy b-day. thirty is fabulous. hope you enjoy!

Beth Howard said...

That was the best retrospective ever! I'm turning 28 tomorrow--but I don't think that's quite special enough. I'm sorry I wasn't there to ring in the 3rd decade with you, but you look gorgeous as ever! Happy Birthday!

JLC Studio said...

Happy belated birthday!! Love the pictures and the look back at how you've gotten to where you're at today!

I'm right behind you on the turning 30 thing and may just have to try this myself :)