August 21, 2010

Listing shows on your website

I received a book called 500 Tips for Marketing Your Crafts for Christmas last year and every now and then I pick it up and flip through its pages. It's a bit pricey for a paperback, especially one that isn't even that thick, but it is full of information ranging from taking photographs of your work to prepping your car for craft shows. Most of it I already knew, but some tips are new to me, like this one:

Don't list your craft shows on your website

Really? Their reasoning is that your competition will apply to all of your shows, get into some of them, and take your space or half of your money.

I guess I forget how cutthroat this business can be. I have always listed my previous shows on my website, going back to 2006...until today. I took them all off except for my next three upcoming shows. I see no need to not list the shows I am already in since the application deadline has passed and I can take them down once the show is over. This is going against their advice, however.

I don't know. Is that good or bad advice? What do you think?


Ivey Handcrafted said...

see I don't know about this? Cause don't you want to promote your shows to your customers who read your blog? Hmm...something to think about

Tisra said...

It does seem counter-intuitive. But, as I thought about it, the people who are your biggest fans and customers, don't need a craft show to purchase your items- they'll order online, or hunt down a shop that carries your jewelry. They already know about you, love you, and are gonna get it one way or another if they really want it. And, they're less likely, I'd think to push through craft fair crowds to reach your specific booth.

Craft fairs, I'm sure, do a fantastic job of introducing your products to those who haven't encountered Freshie & Zero before. If it's a good craft fair, it'll draw fantastic crowds- many more than your mention on your website could (I'd guess).

But, who really knows??? Test it out; I'll be curious to see how that works for you.

Freshie said...

You have a good point, Tisra - most people who are seeking out my jewelry may not necessarily come to a craft fair to find it, unless they just love craft fairs (like me!).

Alison said...

I totally agree with Tisra. Another way to look at it is...If you promote the craft show and your customers do show up, they might be tempted to seek out other people while at the craft show (like the competitors). Lots of different angles. Very interesting point to ponder...


defenestrati said...

My fiancee and I live in Atlanta and we love craft shows but don't always go. Is there any way you could alert interested people like us by email? WE LOVE YOUR WORK and will jump at the chance to see it in person whenever you're in our area.

freshie (and zero) said...

Sure! All you need to do is sign up for my email list on my website. I send emails out when I do craft shows, but I don't do nearly as many as I used to now that I have a little one! Here is the email signup link: