December 24, 2010

Bye, bye Gilda

Sigh.  My 2000 Ford Explorer I had named Gilda has gone on to Explorer heaven.  I got her in 2002 to be my ride across my sales rep territory of Kentucky and Tennessee.  Then when I moved on from that job after two years, she helped shlep all of my craft show necessities across the entire Eastern half of this country.  We went to New York City, Austin TX, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Chicago, Indianapolis, and so many more.  She had been stolen once, lost her stereo twice, broken into more times than I can count, and been in a few fender benders but she held her head high.  Never once did she break down on me... until I got a tune up last week.  Although technically she still hadn't broken down, she was gettin' shaky and it was only a matter of time before she gave out.  10 years and 168,000 miles later, she became a retiree.  

Dogwood Arts Festival Knoxville TN 2008
Greg fills her up with my craft show display

I'll miss her, that loud and clunky Explorer; my first car purchase, my interstate friend. 

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Javier said...

It is really hard to move on from all the firsts! My first car was a witness to most of my firsts, like the first girlfriend; first kiss, first out of town trip, etc. It was the LA Buick that was the witness to my puberty age. It was my companion during those lonely times when I cannot submit myself to my parents. It was my only friend when I felt that the whole world turned its back on me. Until Dad got weary of my childish rebellion and ground me and drove my car away from me. Our last and most memorable trip was in Los Angeles. Car dealers now take care of my old friend. I hope its new pal would love it more than I did.