May 31, 2006

yay yay yay!!!

Woo hoo!!!

So... all of my friends that have ever visited the Lovelace Cafe have told me I must get my jewelry in the jewelry store out there. And I think "Yes, I know but..." because there is always that "but". To quote Pee Wee Herman: "Everyone I know has a big but. C'mon, Simone, let's talk about your big but." Anyway, my big but is that I don't really have time to keep up with the stores I have, let alone a new one, mainly because I'm still working full time.

Well, today the owner of the store came in the gallery and I helped her. I knew she owned that store the minute she commented on my necklace. She came in right before closing and I was like "NO! Don't come back another time - I'll stay late for you!" and at the end of helping her with her framing (17 minutes past closing, by golly), I talked about her awesome store and how I'd love to be in it and she said she'd love to have me. YAY!!!! So one more store is just one more reason to work at the gallery less, right??? :) My big buts are going to have to confront me head on to really make that happen I guess.

So that's it - I'm really excited b/c it's an awesome store and she was really nice. Yay!

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Chewieez said...

Wow you are continuing to get the an amazing response to your jewelry!!

You are seriously going to take over the world!!!

I love it!