June 12, 2006

florida.... I mean Atlanta

I'm in Amelia Island Florida. There may or may not be a hurricane/tropical storm coming my way. I tend to be on the may not storm side of the fence, but we'll see. I'm in the hotel lobby using my computer b/c our condo doesn't have internet access unless I dial up on my parents aol account which as we all know is painfully slow. There is some convention here and the lounge is full of random business men.

I however have my indie craft experience shirt on and am looking, quite cool. Ha, ha. Uh... where was I going with this? I don't know - I've been drinking. OH yeah - the Ice show in Atlanta!

It was cool. My booth looked cute and fun, if you ask me...

I was happy with my placement, but I could have used one more light on my booth... I liked the acid jazz band in the middle, if they had just turned it down a little bit... I don't understand what the guy next to me was selling... overall I sold a lot, bought some cute stuff, watched my friends fall apart as the time went on, then watched them mostly get it back together, and had fun! The worst part was when we were packing up and the final band started to play - it was loud and bad rock and they scared us half to death with the first note b/c it was SO LOUD!!! I stuffed some paper towel in my ears and we broke down my booth as fast as we could. Unfortunately, the groovy grass I used around the tables totally fell apart and I'm bummed b/c it was so cute! I felt even worse b/c there were little plastic flowers strewn all over the room I was in, making it look kind of trashy. I need to email the company about that...

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