July 02, 2007

sumBody makes some great skincare products!

I just found my new favorite sugar scrub - it's made by sumbody, and it is divine. I bought the "get lei'd" scent because it was slightly pineapple scented, slightly coconut scented, and slightly floral - an amazing combination! The sugar is ground up pretty fine and it's made with shea and cocoa butters instead of the usual oil, so it really softens your skin without making it feel greasy at all, and without feeling like you're rubbing pumice all over your body (which can actually be nice sometimes). Their description is: "There’s just something about getting lei’d that puts a smile on your face, don’t you agree? Wait a minute – we don’t know what you’re thinking about but we’re talking flowers, Hawaii and beaches! This little reminder of the scent, color and beauty of a lei will take you on a little Hawaiian vacation of your own." My only complaint is that the fragrance doesn't come in a lotion, because I want to smell it all the time! I guess I could get the perfume roll on, though...

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