July 07, 2007

whew - I needed that!

Finally - I got some good news! I not only got into Strange Folk in Illinois, but I also got into the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago! Sweet!!! The craft show rejections were really starting to get to me, so it was so nice to get two acceptances in two days!

In case you are interested in the craft show application process, and what my morale is going through, here is a list of shows I received a rejection from so far this year: 17th Street Arts Festival in Atlanta, River Arts Fest in Memphis (actually I was wait listed), Virginia Highlands Summerfest in Atlanta, Decatur Arts Fest in Decatur, GA, American Artisan Festival in Nashville, , Grant Park Summer Shade Festival (they actually lost my app) in Atlanta, GA, three different sections of the St. James Court in Louisville KY, Woodland Art Fair in Lexington KY, Village Art & Craft Fair in Asheville, NC, Artclectic in Nashville, TN, etc etc. I was even rejected from one (Craftsmen's Classics) simply because I'm a jeweler - "We have so many exhibitors that show jewelry at this time that we don't feel like our shows can handle any more jewelers at this time." Sounds like they need a new copy writer, but I get it - there are too many jewelers!

I've only been accepted to about five shows this year up until yesterday. That's not a good ratio. And that's about $330 out the window, just to apply.

I'm now preparing my slides for TACA Fall show, but I'm not expecting anything there. Especially since I'm now committed to 3 craft shows in September and if I actually got into TACA, that would make four. My poor husband probably wouldn't be such a willing helper by number four... that sweet, sweet man. I wouldn't even apply if I hadn't already bought slides specifically for this application.

Ah, anyway. I'm going to go and celebrate with some guitar hero. Rock on!

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Beth Howard said...

Several things:

#1 I love your seriously intent look for guitar hero. I hope you're playing "wayward son"

#2 it totally sucks to be sending out so many application fees, but clearly they just don't know how awesome your stuff is.

#3 TACA needs to get with the program. SLIDES?? what are those? I bet all those woodturners don't even know what a digital camera looks like

#4 Congrats on the Chicago shows!