December 27, 2007


My sister and Zero get closer at Christmas

Yay! Christmas!!! So, first things first - my sweet sweet husband gave me a ring that I wanted so badly but did not expect to actually receive. It's handmade of rose gold and morganite and it's so pretty! I was totally surprised when I opened it, so it made his Christmas just as much as it did mine. I also got a sweet new camera from my parents for taking better jewelry photos, so look out for some fancy new pics on my website soon (plus a lot of new styles, too!).

I gave my husband a new road bike (it's bike #3 for him) but it hasn't come in yet, so he got a lot of bike-related items to open up, like this very cool bike parts t-shirt from a shop called Quiet Doing on etsy, plus some Walz caps, a Chrome bag, and Guitar Hero III which isn't bike related but fun nonetheless.

I gave quite a bit of handmade this year, including a handmade notepad (a "bookie" and a zipper pouch from Beth Howard:

I gave my BFF a beautiful pale aqua blue textured platter by Olaria - hopefully she will post up new photos of her beautiful serve ware on her website soon! I gave my mom a glass vase hand painted with modern flowers that I got at Art & Invention Gallery here in Nashville, a bizarre "Tranny" Barbie that is so hilarious, I can't believe I don't have a picture of him/her from Dolled Up Dolls. I also got some adorable little t-shirts by So Silly for my little niece and nephew in Virginia, but hopefully they don't read my blog because we're not visiting for a couple of weeks:
Plus, speaking of gifting indie, I want to thank everyone who gifted Freshie & Zero this holiday season, including the husbands of the ladies behind Harrilu, Supermaggie, and the lady behind Indie Fixx! I had a very busy and merry Christmas - definitely one of my best ever - and I can't wait for next year!


Kristi said...

What fun gifts! Just so you know, I gave Freshie gifts and Beth Howard gifts out this Christmas... it was hard to wrap them up and give them away, but I did. Thanks for your beautiful work! They were big hits...

Beth Howard said...

I tried that ring on at Anatra! Not the rose gold one, but a regular gold with an aquamarine--I'm so jealous!!