December 28, 2007

My New Year's Resolution

This may sound like a pretty pathetic resolution, but I have made a commitment to not buy any more purses. Lame - yes, but necessary. Last year I only bought four purses (maybe five) but I have so many fabulous ones that I neglect by simply throwing them aside to replace them with a bright, shiny new one. I have at least three HOBOs, a pretty leather one I bought in Italy on my honeymoon, a gold deer purse from Patch NYC that only comes out on special occasions, two from Charm Design including this fabulous one:

and one from A03 Designs that I love and get so many complements on:
The sad thing is, I'm already tempted. Just look at this one from Becky OH!:

She's using some of my favorite fabrics, and I just love the gathered structure of the bag. Speaking of gathering, this one by Aubrey Hyde is really nice, too, and is very tempting. I love the way it is a little bit sloppy and casual but still very chic.

The best thing I can do is just not click on any image of a purse I like online, and to avoid shopping altogether in the coming year, which is basically impossible. I guess I could always just try to focus on the age old resolution of losing weight instead, which I'll begin with eating Special K every day instead of granola...

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