January 01, 2008

the Stitch podcast is up!

I just now found this, even though it was posted a couple of weeks ago, but it's the podcast from Stitch, of which I was interviewed for! Usually I cringe at myself on camera, but they did a great job editing and it actually turned out really well!

The podcast is hosted by Vickie Howell, edited by Cory Ryan and soundtrack provided by Has Anyone Ever Told You? This segment is all about the craft bazaar at Stitch. Look for interviews with 31 Corn Lane, Felt Good Fibers, Freshie and Zero, Handcrafted by Vera, I Like Apple Juice, M. Schopper Ceramics, Leslie Bonnel, Ruffeo Hearts Little Snotty, Duncan, Birds, Lollibomb Beauty, Fort Cloudy, Carlo Rossi and More!

Check it out:


Beth Howard said...

That was AWESOME!! you did such a good job! And how exciting to see Breanna from Felt Good Fibers--she's a super nice girl and funny, also. And that Melanie Schopper was at the Artisan festival in Nashville--she and I trade $120 worth of merch. so I guess you can say we're part of a mutual admiration society!

Orderly Conduct said...

I'm SO impressed! WELL DONE! you're a natural!

Ninja Fetus said...

Thanks for posting this! I was wondering where I could see it!
Fort Cloudy