January 15, 2008

crime spree in 37215

So, one of my supplies packages from Fed Ex was STOLEN from my front door (scary! what's stopping the thief next time from breaking in??) I wish I could have seem the thief's face when they opened up to find a bunch of wire inside. I half expected it to be returned to me, since what was inside was pretty useless to a criminal.

The day I reported it to the office, two cars were broken into the same night! I live in a "safe" area of Nashville, but I feel anything but safe and secure right now. My car was broken into last summer here, just yards from my front door, along with several other cars in the same week. How many times does this have to happen before our homeowners association does anything about it??? Arg!

If you want to know more about the criminal activity going on in Green Hills, let me know. I'll give you an earful!


susie q said...

I expect (and want) an earful on Friday. I saw the glass from the broken windows this morning...that SUCKS about the package. Stupid country and its stupid recession causing stupid crime rates to go up!

- amy

Ivey HandCrafted said...

Your website is looking great! Thanks for my encouraging words on my blog! Are you coming to Chattanooga anytime for market? Sorry about the break ins - hard to believe in Green Hills! YUCK! Hope you get more sleep tonight!