January 20, 2008

Contest! Valentine Gift Ideas

In honor of my website makeover (which I am still finding mistakes on, so bear with me) and Valentine's Day (I adore seeing all the pink & red products on display everywhere!), I am having a CONTEST! What might you win? First up for grabs is this Blissen 2008 Hidden Habitats Calendar illustrated by west coast artists Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh. I loved this calendar so much that I bought one for myself and one to give away!

Together they have collaborated on 13 fabulous months of nature's magical, undiscovered places in all their whimsical, illustrated glory. Each 2008 calendar (valued at $16), which measures 9.5" x 11" open, is printed in full color with vegetable-based inks on 100 percent recycled paper and processed chlorine-free.

In addition to that, you'll also win a limited edition sterling silver heart necklace from Freshie & Zero, not EVEN available for sale on my website! If you live in Nashville, though, you may find a few at Queen Bee in Edgehill Village.

How do I win, you say?

All you have to do is post a comment on this blog about something handmade that you think would make a great Valentine's gift for you, your best friend, or your significant other. Please enter the link of where to buy it, too, so you can share the love! Don't forget to include some way of getting in touch with you in your comment (preferably an email address)! The last day to enter is January 31st, so don't delay! Easy, right? I'll start...

I would love to give (or receive) this adorable, fabulous, understated, beautiful bird bowl by Whitney Smith pottery for any upcoming occasion. I can't see how anyone who might open this up as a gift up wouldn't be delighted! Go and get it here. In fact, her pottery is so fabulous, I'm adding her to my links page right now!

1.22.08 update
Wow! Thanks for the amazing response, everyone! It's so great to find new items made by other indie designers, and there really are some great suggestions! I decided to post up some of my favorite reader submitted gifts that I've received so far...

I love the Mr. Poncho ipod holder submitted by Karen and it is the perfect gift for any one who owns an ipod (re: everyone). In fact, I may have to get one for myself...

This print by yumiyumi on etsy submitted by Edie is also very pretty and would make a great Valentine's gift for a friend or sister:
This necklace by amieking, submitted by Holly, is very edgy and pretty at the same time:

I liked all of JLC Studio's picks (I even gave my husband a set of custom typewriter key cuff links for our wedding day!), but I like this tongue-in-cheek tie by toybreaker the most:

Another of my favorites has to be these super cheeky red heart sequined pasties by FondaPetting Designs submitted by Ginger Girl. They have a lot of other fun little items in their etsy shop, all perfect for Valentine's Day!


elyse said...

If I were able to choose my own Valentine's Day gift, I would pick Freshie and Zero's Simple Kiwi Lariat - Hammered Gold Ovals on 16in chain (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8500961). Its a beautiful necklace that is simple, elegant and appropriate to wear all the time, so it would remind me of my valentine even when its not Feb 14th.

Edie said...

For my sister and sisters-in-law, I would buy them a yumi yumi print on etsy. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9051509 I would cut mats and frame the prints and wrap them up beautifully. :) If I received something, I wouldn't mind receiving a beautifully made piece of Jewelry from Freshie & Zero's. HINT HINT HUBBY! :)

NX211 said...

It is so funny that you should should post about the Whitney Smith bird bowl...I saw a picture of it in Bon Appetit a few months ago and was so taken with it that I went to the site and bookmarked it!
My Valentine's day gift for my mom might just be this cute checkbook cover to brighten up her purse...
though your silver heart necklace would be great to as my mom loves heart-shaped jewelry!

Steph said...

I still love to make handmade valentines for everyone...I was touched recently when I saw that my mom had them all lined up in her dresser drawer from years past. I like the beautiful papers at www.pearlriver.com especially the double happiness and good fortune papers as these seem to impart not only love but good wishes as well. I use a gold marker and some red paper to embellish my special message.

Alison said...


I absolutely love your work. I recently visited the gallery here in Green Hills just for your work! Love it and can't wait to place my first order.

As for your contest, I am giving handmade this year. I have made a Valentine's Day shirt for my niece and a Maggie Taggie Blankie for my daughter. You can check out the taggie blankie that I made here on my blog...

I would love to get homemade this year too. I am eyeing your puddle earrings and birdie necklace! Love them both.
Others can link here...

Thanks for your awesome work!

Hope I win!!!

Elizabeth said...

If I were able to choose my Valentine's Day presents, I would get sterling silver pendants of my children's prescious fingerprints through (http://www.prairiecreations.com/index.htm). You order a kit, and make the finger prints in the silver clay and send them back to the artist to be fired off. You then have a very special one of a kind keepsake! Other ideas include your spouse's fingerprint or your pet's nose or paw print. - Elizabeth denorwood@cox.net

H said...

I do believe I would like to buy this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8987519

for myself for Valentine's day...because if you can't love yourself, who can you love?
Holly (redheadhlh@yahoo.com)

Laura Maher said...

I actually already know I am getting a bright red hand-knitted afghan for valentine's day from my mom (though I think she started it for a christmas present...haha). I don't have a link for it cause it's one of a kind, but maybe my mom will start her own handmade business one day, and she can share her art with the world.

As for presents for others, I am in love with flower seed handmade paper (found here: http://www.flowerseedpaper.com/). Send a love note, and your valentine can plant it in their garden for love all spring!


JLC Studio said...

Okay, so I guess I'll be the first one to post something for a man! I'm going to order one of these cufflink sets for my boyfriend...
either these custom typewriter key cufflinks:
or these black anodized aluminum cufflinks:
And I'm loving the ties from the toybreaker's shop, who doesn't love a sharp dressed man??:
And if I were to receive something (hint, hint ;)), I have been eyeing this bag from Ruth's Crafts:

Amanda Conley said...

O.k. I had to really think about what I wanted for Valentine's Day, but I think I found it: this jewelry stand from Polli. And even if I don't get it for Valentine's day, I might have to buy it anyway (when it comes back in stock.)

egregiousnes said...

If I was going to pick something for myself, I would have to say this necklace. I love puzzles. Love them, and one of the first gifts I ever recieved from my now fiance was a wooden puzzle box, that was shaped as a heart. Together we've put together maybe a dozen or so puzzles, and we have a goal of creating a puzzle room. So it seems this necklace would be perfect.

anna j said...

I would have to buy the "wish" lariat for my little sister. She lives in Germany--too far away from me! And Valentines Day happens to be right before her birthday. So the "wish" would complement her simple beauty and signify my wish for all joy for her and for a not-too-distant visit!

At_X_Halt said...

I would love to get my husband this metal sculpture for Valentine's Day:
He's always liked tulips, and I like that this sculpture is a more masculine interpretation of them. It's kind of a self-serving gift though because I like it too,,but I'd rather have some earrings or a necklace from Freshie & Zero.


kelly Teasley said...

For valentines day I'd love a new puppy. I have my heart set on a french bulldog-but since I'm involved in animal rescue I won't let myself by a dog-and well they're arent' too many homeless frenchies out there or in my state anyway. But if I did get one I'd love for it to come in one of these sweaters. I esp. like the pac man one.

Kelly (ybgallery@mindspring.com)

Hayley said...

First, I love your jewelry. I've been basically rotating through the two pairs of earrings I got at renegade Chicago ever since. Thanks!

I was thinking about getting my significant other a camera strap by Souldier. http://souldier.us/index.php

Hayley (heupshaw@gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

Him for Valentine's Day for my sister i would pick this cute print http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8562655 she was that exact dog. Love your work!

Stephanie said...

My husband and I have always gone "cheap" for Valentine's day....it's too close to Christmas to be spending lots of money, so we set a $20 limit, make each other a card and go out to dinner, whether it's on the actual day or not. As cheesy as it sounds, we just enjoy spending time together.

Stephanie Wheeler

Gingergirl said...

I think it's important to keep the flame alive in a relationship and what better gift for your significant other than these adorable Red Heart pasties on Etsy- http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8634363


Karen said...

for valetines day i would have to get my significant other a mr. poncho for his ipod.


i recieved one for christmas and love it. everyone who has an ipod needs one!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Michelle said...

For anyone I care about I would love to give them a beautiful handmade fountain to brighten up any one of their rooms. Each one is unique and adds its own aire of calmness to your home. http://www.naturalcreations.com/tranquil_tabletop_fountains.htm
As for me, I think this year a goal of mine is to collect as many cool Freshie & Zero pieces as I can!
Much Love,

JC said...

I love Moyna bags, www.moynabags.com. They're hand-beaded and hand-embroidered in India, using Moghul-empire inspired designs. Very colorful, unique, fun and sophisticated. A great gift for yourself, or for your sister, mom or girlfriend.


isaiah 58 said...

My best friend and I love handmade bags and get them for each other every year. This year, I am getting her this one, http://www.ktkhandmade.com/twoflappurse.html.

Happy Valentine's Day!


ocrents said...

I really like the heart behind the gifts found athttp://www.projectaidsorphan.org/holiday.php, this is a group in Paducah, KY that is closely connected with folks in Kenya who are trying to make it possible for aids orphans to have shelter, love, food, and schooling. I have the t-shirt, you buy one for yourself and in doing so buy a shirt for a child in Kenya to wear to school. They also offer links to buy farm animals so that families can have milk and eggs. It is a great gift for the person who has everything, giving to someone who has nothing.
Also, I loved seeing you at the LowerTown artist festival last spring. I hope you consider coming up again.