January 29, 2008

the perfect Valentine Card

This is what you give when you truly, truly love someone. In fact, I gave one of these cards to my husband last year when he was still just my fiance. Little did I know how much "cuteness" abounds when you're married (or around someone 24/7)!

Go to The Beautiful Project's shop on etsy and get one for your sweetheart! I also find this one adorable, also from their shop:


kickpleat said...

ahh, shucks! thanks for writing about my cards :)

Kelly said...

dang, i completely forgot to add this one to my valentines round-up!!! it's been one of my lng-standing favorites, too.

susie q said...

ok, those are adorable! but my farts will never be cute.

nek2c said...

freshie, i'm reading about you from links from the CraftCommunity info. I love these cards! So cute! And Babcock pottery (etsy)is one of my favs too:)
Hope to see you in Franklin!