January 16, 2008

working on an ad for Venus Zine

So, my last Freshie & Zero ad in Venus Zine generated zero sales (but maybe they just forgot to use the coupon?) but I have decided to give the magazine another go. One, because it's cheap, and two because the necklace I promoted in the last issue has barely sold at all, which is so sad because I thought it was SO fabulous. Oh well, it was a pain to make anyway.

However, this time I have decided to promote Charm Star, my side venture, instead. Here are two different ads I'm working on. I think they're fun and silly, which is what Charm Star is all about. What do you think? (click on 'em to see them more clearly)

Of course, there's a downside to promoting an etsy shop. I can't track my hits! I wish etsy had a little stat counter code installed on your shop home page, just so I could see how many hits I get and where they come from. Speaking of, have you gone to etsytools yet?


Beth Howard said...

With such great marketing ideas, you don't need to outsource! I love love love those ads! And the new website looks amazing!

handmadefinds said...

I really love that second add. It's happy and fun. I just found your blog by accident, but I have definitely seen your jewelry somewhere. (Front page of Etsy or treasury maybe?) I love your style, it's very distinctive and elegant!