January 31, 2008

Slowing Down and Catching Up

So, I'm getting ready to go to bed, since I have to get up earlllllyyy (for me) and drive to Atlanta in the morning to meet with Viviana of the Beehive Co-Op in Atlanta (SO excited about this). I realize I have no idea where the Beehive is so I pull up their website and lo and behold, there is Heather of Rinse Soap (go check her website out, seriously) at the top of the page as the featured spotlight seller. I immediately recognized the necklace as one of my very own - the Simple Double Lucky! Even more excitement abounds! Heather and I traded merch at the Ice Atlanta show in 2006 and I love her moisture sticks and soaps! Plus, she's super nice too, which is like a cherry on top!

Heather of Rinse Soap wearing my necklace!

This was a welcome and much-needed pick me up after the poo poo week I've been having. It also lifted my spirits to have dinner tonight with the fabulous Beth Howard - together we got to vent and dish at the Mellow Mushroom and it was so nice. Hopefully I'll have enough steam to keep me going on my road trip tomorrow!

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