March 10, 2010

Quick Jewelry Care Tip

Here's a fun little tip for keeping your jewelry looking fresh and new! You know those little silica gel packs that come with your shoes or electronics that say "DO NOT EAT"? Instead of tossing them in the trash, toss them in your jewelry box! They absorb moisture in the air which is a common culprit of jewelry tarnishing. Just don't eat them. :)


Anonymous said...

Beth- will you and Greg come to my house and clean all my silver jewelry? It should only take about a WEEK!!!!!! I have a small BUCKET full that I don't wear!!!! Yikes!!!! ; ) Lisa Cochran

Chewieez said...

haha nice Lisa! Maintenance is never the fun part of anything eh? It's also a shame that air is the major culprit with sterling stuff. You can't have all your pretty jewelry out on display! :)