April 06, 2010

Website Vacation!

Please get your orders for the next month and a half in this week! Starting next week the website will be closed for an extended period of time while we undergo major changes in our personal lives!! I may leave my etsy shop open and list only items that I have in stock and ready to ship, but I'm not making any promises!

The Love Necklace : handmade & hammered in sterling silver and golf filledShadow Earrings in Sterling Silver with sterling silver leverback earwireLula Lariat in sterling silver with a smokey quartz pendant Little Bermuda Earrings : hand hammered in sterling silverFreshie & Zero : handmade simple modern jewelry in sterling silver and gold filledImage Map


Susan said...

Good luck on the changes....hmmm a month and a half break...is there a baby in the near future? Good luck if it is, I now have 2 and boy have things changed.

The Monkey and Me said...

Congrats! Happy birthing vibes to you!

mizzshelley is said...

good luck, freshie!! i will be thinking about you :)