January 23, 2009

Random Goodness - Band Poster Decorating

When I moved into our new house, I thought that I had plenty of art to go around. But some of my older college paintings were ready to be retired from my wall (do I really need to hang the self portrait of me dancing in baggy pants in technicolor? uh, no. raver days are in the past.). So the first room to tackle is the kitchen. I have large, blank walls begging to have cool art on them - especially since we went pretty neutral in the kitchen for re-sale value and I'm not really a neutral person. I'm definitely not a blank walls person!

After much thought, I decided I needed some cool screen-printed posters to adorn the walls. There are a million amazing screen printed posters and prints out there right now, but I started to find that they were all pretty small. Most of my favorites that I found that were big enough turned out to be band posters. I'm not really a band poster kind of girl, but these are not the band posters I grew up with - no 40" x 50" huge blown up pictures of the artists or anything like that. (r.i.p. my favorite Beastie Boys poster) So I embraced the idea of cool band posters in my kitchen. At first, my criteria was that it had to be a band I had either seen or that I really love. Unfortunately, it seemed that most of the bands I love do not have posters that go with my color scheme. And since I have only seen, um, one band this year (Iron & Wine), that made my list pretty limited. So I just decided to go on pure aesthetic and the remaining criteria was that I had to at least own some music by said band. To kick things off, Greg gave me this one from my etsy wishlist for Christmas:

Iron & Wine - the only band I have seen this year and a music mood that I have really been into lately. I loved the orange with the muted blue and brown. This is by Hero Design Studio.

Since I really liked those colors, I was trying to stay within that general color theme. I wanted a Fleet Foxes poster to go with my Iron & Wine indie folk obsession but their posters just weren't doing it for me. Bummer. Here is what I have found:

by Guy Burwell - I actually am a big fan of MGMT and this poster is awesome, too!

Then I found this fabulous "Indies Only" poster by Large Mammal - it lists a bunch of bands and half of them I have never heard of, but I do own a Band of Horses CD which is listed -criteria met. This poster is now sold out, but he had a TON of fabulous ones to choose from. I may be back for more....

Many of these posters were found by searching through GigPosters.com - it made it really easy to find poster images of bands I knew, but unfortunately some of them were a tease since many of them were sold out. It's totally worth checking out, though. Look what I just found on the home page!

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JLC Studio said...

Very cool idea! I love that they're not your typical "band poster" like most of us had hanging on our teenage bedroom walls!

I love MGMT too...so cool I can't get enough!!!