January 09, 2009

We made it!

I can't believe it - we actually made it to the mart, got set up and had no major mishaps. It was even... dare I say.. easy? I have only found three misprinted price tags so far and my order form is a bit ill-conceived as far as the ease of the layout, but they are simple problems that are easily modifiable by the next market. Overall, I think my booth turned out great!

As a bonus, Kara from Kailo Chic and Heather from Rinse are both on my floor so I have indie partners in crime who are new to the mart, too!

Here is a short slide show of our booth set-up process. Now I must go to sleep if I am going to be able to sell jewelry all day tomorrow!


Alison said...

That looks awesome! What a beautiful place to come and relax and buy some yummy work!
Way to Go!
Alison in TN

Abby said...

It looks so incredibly cute. :)

danielle said...

your booth is adorable! i hope that you sell lots and lots...and where is that floor from? love it all.

Valerie A. Heck said...

I was helping with the BMAC Co-op mailing today and saw your post card and I love it! Made with love and a hammer. That is fantastic!

JLC Studio said...

Looks great...hope you did well!!!

rinse said...

It was great to see you! Can't wait 'til July!

Rosalie said...

Wow - your setup is amazing!