April 03, 2009

Calling on Indie Crafters!

Crafty Feast, the adorable indie show I'm doing in
Columbia, South Carolina, is still looking for a few
good vendors! It's such a do-able craft show - you
don't even need a tent! The vendor list is pretty
amazing, so they seem to be on the lookout for high
quality indie craft, so if that sounds like you, contact
them soon! They only have a few spots left.


ks said...

hi--i just bought a pr of your earrings in iowa city iowa today--the simple lula hoops--LOVE them--the woman at the iowa artisans gallery was very excited to have you as a new artist--she always shows me what's new--love your work, just wanted you to know!

rinse said...

Ugh! We would totally try this one, but have a trip planned to Disney World already. Maybe next year! Do great!