May 01, 2009

Athens, here I come!!!

I'm heading down to Athens, Georgia for the first time in 10 years to come do a super cool indie show! It's the Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa - it sounds like the Lollapalablablah of craft shows so it must be awesome. If you live in Atlanta or anywhere nearby, you should totally come to the show! And all you UGA students, studying hard for your finals - put the books down for a couple of hours and come see all the groovy indie goods! Have a little retail therapy, then hit the books again. You'll feel refreshed and you'll definitely get a better grade!

Here are some of the things you could find at this show...

super cute antipasta platter by Soup Studios

Vintage watch necklaces by Tallulah B.

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Talulah B. said...

Hi, Beth!

Thanks for giving Talulah B. a shout out on this post! I'm a huge fan of Freshie and Zero and am looking forward to catching up with you since the 2008 Grant Park Summer Shade.