March 11, 2008

A must for every artist of every kind

This is a link to the free Artist's Survival Kit by Keri Smith, a writer & illustrator who rocks my socks. I highly recommend you download every page, print it out, and keep it close by at all times. I love that the acronym for it is "ask". Here's just one of the cards that you can cut out:

She also wrote these books:

She also writes & draws neat things like this:

Don't you just love her?? She also just had a baby so she truly is an inspiration to anyone who thinks you can't have it all.


JLC Studio said...

OMG!!! This is absolutely hilarious! I'm printing every one of these out and putting them on my bulletin board (I don't think I'll have any room left!). Thanks for sharing this!!

Ivey HandCrafted said...

Don't you LOVE her - I actually wrote a blog about her not too long ago! She ROCKS! XOXO ♥

freshie & zero said...

Oh yeah! I knew I had seen it before but I couldn't remember how I found it.

RheLynn said...

Eep I think I'm wonderful at being a miserable artist ;) I'm getting better all the time though, in the right direction. My husband helps a lot with sayings just like these.