March 08, 2008

Spring forward!

In honor of the time change today, I've found some really fun clocks - one of my favorite house hold accessories!
1. This handmade clock is constructed with a computer hard drive! Made by Pixelthis on etsy.
2. Red Mixed numbers clock by Karlsson makes a bold, graphic statement.
3. This orange Riki Desk Clock from the MoMa Store was originally released in 1970.
4. Adorable Cuckoo Clock Onesie by Pepperhem on etsy.
5. Alarm Capsule Flipclock by Kikkerland (a company I used to work for indirectly) available from Uncommon Gifts.
6. Retro Sterling Silver Alarm Clock Charm Necklace by Charm Star (my charm jewelry line) available on etsy.
7. Wall hanging Cuckoo Clock with every little Scandinavian detail you could want in lime by Decoylab on etsy.

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