March 15, 2008

Prophetik Fashion Show

Thursday night I had the opportunity to go to a charity fashion show in Franklin hosted by a newish boutique called Philanthropy - a business that is focused on bettering the community and the world by donating a portion of their proceeds to charity. Little did I know how blown away I would be! First of all, I didn't realize how big Franklin-based brand Prophetik has become. The designer behind it, Jeff Garner, is truly committed to making the world a better place and he donates a portion of his proceeds from the line to Aid Sudan and Hands & Feet Orphanage. Together with Philanthropy, their goal is to raise $55,000 this year for these two charities. It is really a noble cause and seeing these people be so committed to loving & helping others less fortunate makes you think a little bit more about your own responsibility to give as well.

Prophetik Fashion Show at Philanthropy
inside Philanthropy

I decided to spring for the $25 VIP ticket, which was really, really cheap in retrospect - I got a great seat AND an awesome screenprinted tote bag, and you know how much I love bags! The show was outdoors and had live singers & music along with great fashion-y type music - we really were blessed that the rain stayed away during the show, and the temperature was perfect. The show opened with a video of the Hands & Feet Orphanage, then a bunch of confused & cute little kids meandered their way around the rocky runway in Sustainable Kids, an all sustainable kids euro street line designed by Mai Anderson.

Prophetik Fashion Show at PhilanthropyProphetik Fashion Show at Philanthropy

Then there was a groovy hip hop dance trio - it was fabulous because it was a girl and two guys and they could DANCE! They had a little difficulty with the rocky terrain but they did a great job maneuvering it. I was afraid they were going to kick some rocks in my face because I was so close! Then the Prophetik portion began...

Prophetik Fashion Show at Philanthropy

Prophetik Fashion Show at PhilanthropyProphetik Fashion Show at PhilanthropyProphetik Fashion Show at PhilanthropyProphetik Fashion Show at Philanthropy

More of the fashion show photos may be seen on my Flickr page. After the show was over, I went back to Philanthropy for the after party and to see my girls Angela & Courtney of Angel Court Jewelry. I met them at ICE in Atlanta a couple of years ago and then we were both at Stitch in 2006. They make a great duo - Courtney is the creative genius and Angela is the masterful business woman - they are really an inspiration to all indie businesses out there and Angela is so great at just throwing out business ideas and getting me motivated to take Freshie & Zero to the next level! Courtney uses antique findings & memorabilia such as optical lenses and keys to create one of a kind pieces, and they have figured out a way to make their one of a kind jewelry work in the wholesale trade show world, which is really impressive. We ended up talking for over an hour and I left with my brain buzzing with business motivation.

Angel Court trunk show at PhilanthropyAngel Court trunk show at Philanthropy

All in all, it was a really amazing night and one of the owners of Philanthropy, Marianne, is interested in bringing in Freshie & Zero into the store. I will follow up with her next week and keep my fingers crossed!

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