January 21, 2007


Check out this adorable cupcake necklace! I was searching around on etsy and pixelgirl.com for something cute and cupcakey for my sister's 12th birthday. I found some cute earrings but decided that my sister probably wouldn't wear them. (She is sadly not into jewelry as much as I am....yet). So I sat at my jewelry table and hammered this out. I started with wire that I shaped into a cupcake-like form (I guess it could also be a mushroom). Then I wired some freshwater pearls across to "color in" the cupcake. I was so excited about it until my fiance told me he thought it was a really cute mushroom! Hmmm.. maybe my sister would think it was a mushroom, too. So, I decided to get her some silly rubber stretchy gooey things that she is way more into than jewelry, and listed this on etsy. You can check it out here. I think it's cute and that it looks like a cupcake, but sometimes you get so close to your project it's hard to see it from another perspective.

Have you ever searched for cupcake on etsy? There is some super cute stuff out there! Check out these sweet little pincushions by Crazy Cakes! These are so adorable, it makes me wish I could sew! Maybe I'll just get one to make my undie drawer smell nice - it is lavender scented, after all...

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Beth Howard said...

very cute cupcakes. This may seem like a chain letter, but it's pretty fun: (and it get's you a link from my site, so that's good, right?)

I am going to tag you for 6 weird things. Hope you want to do it.

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