January 20, 2007

The White Stripes

Morton's strikes again! Greg and I went there for our two year anniversary and I had a feeling we would see someone famous again and we did! Jack and Meg White walked in behind us and sat a few tables over from us. Once again, I couldn't stop looking at their table but it was mostly because they were in my line of sight. Jack White lives here but I don't think Meg does, so I was more surprised to see her, since my friends seem to see Jack all the time. Apparently the Raconteurs are in town recording at Blackbird. It was pretty exciting to see them, I have to say. I have a feeling that most of the suit-types that were in Morton's that night wondered who the freaky looking people were sitting at that booth - they were with a guy who was wearing a skeleton hoodie.

On a side note, I will never eat at Morton's again. Our service was extremely slow but the biggest annoyance was that the whole restaurant is smoking - CIGAR smoking! Gross!!! How can you enjoy your $40 steak when you're breathing in nasty cigar smoke? Plus, Meg White was chain smoking cigarettes which sucked since she was fairly close to us. I would have just walked out the door had Greg and I not had a $100 gift certificate which still only covered about half our meal. For that much money, I refuse to breathe in smoke while I try to eat. Nasty.

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