January 26, 2007

The Upcoming Nashville Craft Mafia Show

Okay, I'm totally copying Beth but I have to list some of the cool vendors at the upcoming Nashville Craft Mafia show on March 3rd! Beth and I will be there along with some other fellow crafty peeps including Rinse Soap (see previous blog) and Jane Osgood. It will be so great to do a show in my actual home town!!! Yes, I know it's shocking but I was born and raised in Nashville. Not too many people I know can actually claim that! Anyway, back to the vendors...

Here is a cool men's shirt from Jimiyo.
I think I see one of these shirts in my fiance's future.

I love Beth Howard's art quilts - how amazing is this one?!?!

This is a pretty little tote from Kelly Marie Designs.
I hope she has more like these at the craft mafia show!
Here's a cute shirt for the ladies from MaryInk.
She has some really cute totes, too!I love getting things with boats on them for my future nephew like this one from Ask Apparel - his grandparents sail all over the ... Atlantic? Pacific? The one on the right... is that East? I suck at geography. Anyway, they beam whenever he wears something sailboat related and I beam whenever he wears something handmade! It's a win-win situation!
I love Hatch Show Prints and Isle of Printing old school type posters. I wonder what Agnes Barton-Sabo will have to sell at this show! If it's more posters like this one (but maybe she'll have the Features and leave the Kings of Leon at home), I'll be stoked!
Okay well that's my round up of what I'm most excited about at the show. A lot of the links on the vendors page link to scary myspace pages so I'm half expecting to see gothic knitted skulls or leather crocheted corsets... cross your fingers...

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Beth Howard said...

You found some even better vendors than I did. ! didn't see the printing stuff. Oh, man. I'm going to blow my earnings while shopping.