January 22, 2007

Handmade Soap isn't just for Hippies

Okay - I'm not usually a fan of soap or bath products made in someone's kitchen. They usually smell funky, look funky, or simply are funky. But I have to give a shout out to Rinse Soap and Mama. In case you haven't checked out my links page on my website, they are my only two indie bath & body businesses I list. Mama is made by a member of the Atlanta Craft Mafia. Personally, I love her exhilarating salt scrub. It's only $16 so you don't feel guilty using it every other day like I do. It really sloughs off your dead skin and leaves you feeling soft but not oily. Plus, I love the minty smell! Mama is having a sale right now on their holiday scents - they were $16 but now they're $10 so get them while they last!

Rinse products are as natural and delectable as it gets. I love the perfect pucker pack - it contains a lip balm and a lip exfoliator that is so much less gritty than any other one I've used yet it works far better. The peppermint fragrance in the lip balm is also yummy and my fiance is constantly taking it out of my purse and using it himself! I've also been enjoying my dead sea soap. It has dead sea mud to purify your skin plus spearmint and lavender for good measure. However, if you decide to try just one product from Rinse, I highly recommend a skin stick. (my favorite is the coconut mango) They make your skin soooo soft without being overly greasy. They're great on dry feet, hands, elbows - I even put it on my dry face! Heather, the founder of Rinse, will be at the Nashville Craft Mafia show in March along with myself - I can't wait to stock up on more of her awesome products!

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